FIT45 – fun interval training for everyone

FIT45 – What is it?

FIT45 is a 45 minute fun, interval training workout using both equipment and body weight exercises to create a training effect for the whole body.  A circuit type workout, with each station timed to ensure an even workload, all body systems will be challenged to ensure great results.

Why Interval Training?

Current research recommends that unless you’re training for a running event or marathon, interval training is the most beneficial form of training to get results. Gone are the days of running endlessly on a treadmill to burn calories.  A recent study investigated the effects of calorie expenditure and fat loss and found that although fewer calories were burnt during the actual high intensity interval workout than running on a treadmill (steady state exercise), the high intensity interval program produced more fat loss than steady state exercise overall. Additionally, the study concluded that the high intensity interval workout helped build muscle.  Researchers concluded that not only does high intensity interval burn more fat over the duration of the day, but it also builds more muscle and improves metabolic function. 1

Benefits of Interval Training

Cardiovascular health and endurance:

By pushing your heart rate high during periods of intense work, you’ll be able to increase your cardiovascular ability and strengthen your heart. During the short rest intervals, you work on recovering more quickly and needing less time to rest. This is how you build stamina over time and increase your ability to perform physical exercises more effectively. 1

Calorie burning and fat loss:

As your body uses more oxygen to bring itself back into a resting state, more calories are burned in the process, even while you are done working out. This means you continue to experience benefits and fat loss during the remainder of your day following a high intensity interval workout. Intense interval training circuits also stimulate muscle-building hormones while simultaneously using up calories and burning fat. 1

Who is FIT45 for?

Anyone can do a FIT45 workout. If you aren’t already exercising, then it’s best to start slowly, work out responsibly and ease into this type of training to avoid injury. Those with an established level of fitness can challenge themselves at each workout by doing more repetitions, using heavier equipment and a bigger range of motion.

Check the timetable for current class times.


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Group Exercise – what is it and why should you do it?

There are many benefits of exercising with a group of other like-minded people. Not only will you be motivated to keep up (as best you can) with the group, you’ll have a fun, friendly instructor to keep you on track. Group Fitness classes are designed to provide an effective workout, targeting a mix of fitness, strength and flexibility, with great motivating music, lead by qualified, experienced instructors. All classes will challenge you at your own level of experience and fitness.   If you work out with friends, accountability is a great motivator. If you don’t show up, you’ll be letting someone else down and encouragement from an instructor or your workout buddies can be a key factor in keeping you on track.

Another plus is the social aspect of group exercise. You can make friends with similar interests and you’ll get to know their names and feel comfortable in the space. People have made friends in group fitness and many arrive early so they can catch up with fellow classmates, as well as meeting up outside of the gym for social occasions or sporting/fitness events. The most important reason to train in a group is because it’s fun. You’ll laugh, you’ll sweat, you’ll work hard and in no time you’ll be finished and feeling ready to face the world. Whether it’s a high intensity class or yoga/pilates, it’s definitely more fun when you work out in a group.

Time poor? Think you can’t fit it in?

All our classes at Lifestyle Health Club Redbank Plains offer a balanced amount of cardio, strength and flexibility and all classes are suitable for any level of fitness or experience. Group classes are a great way to fit in exercise for people who are time poor, as they offer a good combination of training effects and are available at peak times to ensure maximum opportunity for participation. After a long day, it may be hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym to walk on a treadmill or the cross-trainer might not be the most motivating thought, but get into a Group Fitness class and you’ll get your fix of exercise in a fun energised environment, making the most of your valuable time.

Some tips about where to start.

Don’t worry about being “new” to the class. Everyone has to start somewhere! Everyone was a “first timer” once. Our friendly, experienced instructors will help you set up (where required) and give you some guidance about what to do. Make sure you’re there a few minutes before your first class so the instructor has time for a quick chat with you.

Recognise your fitness level and just do as much as you can. If you can only do half a class when you start off, then do that and gradually build up to the whole thing as you get fitter and stronger. Take a break if you need one; reduce the workload eg use lower weights in Body Pump or reduce resistance on the bike in RPM.

Give each class format at least 3 goes before you decide whether or not it suits you. Sometimes it takes a little bit of practice to become comfortable with what you’re doing.

Try new things. Explore new class formats that you might not have thought about doing. Until you try something, how can you know whether you enjoy it or not? Don’t be swayed by things you’ve heard from other people, have a go and make your own mind up.

Mix it up. Variety will give you best results.

Have fun! Above all, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing, that way you’re more likely to stick with it.

Check the timetable for current class times.