RideRXT is the total body workout for the cycle studio

RideRXT is a program based in the cycle room, using a combination of intermittent cycling and upper body/core strength with tubes.  The program is fast and designed to target all the muscles of the body in sequence. RideRXT uses a format designed to get the most out of a 45 minute workout. The structure ensures every second of your time is used to improve strength, power and get results fast.

What makes RideRXT different…

RideRXT is designed using strength, endurance and power training principles so your body is blasted in all directions. So not only will you get a great cardio hit but you will also target and tone ALL the muscles of the body.

What else would you like to know?…

RideRXT has unique ride “shots” which means you only sit on the bike for short bursts, mixed in with “muscle mashups” where we use a resistance tube for upper body strength work. This is excellent news for those who don’t like to sit on a bike for longer periods of time.

I am beginner can I do this?

Absolutely, the program is delivered using training zones which allow the beginner to work at the chosen zone!  It’s actually a great introduction to stationery cycling as the ride shots are short and you get time to recover between each one during the muscle mashups.
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