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RideRXT is the total body workout for the cycle studio RideRXT is a program based in the cycle room, using a combination of intermittent cycling and upper body/core strength with tubes.  The program is fast and designed to target all the muscles of the body in sequence. RideRXT uses a format designed to get the most […]

3 Ways to Release Anxiety (That You Haven’t Considered Before)

Though anxiety is one of the most common emotions in our society, there is a physicality to it (shortness of breath, pounding heart, sweaty palms) that makes this feeling big, scary, and tricky to handle. The fight-or-flight response helped our ancestors survive daily life across the ages, and is biologically programmed into our minds. Modern […]

Trouble relaxing in Shavasana?

Trouble Relaxing in Shavasana? Here’s a Simple Practice that Can Help What if you can’t relax—even after lying in the corpse posture for ten minutes? Unwinding is easier said than done—especially when you’re hyped up on coffee, negative emotions, hectic schedules, looming exams. Maybe you know this scenario: your body is settled in shavasana, but your […]

Body Step

  BODYSTEP™ is the energizing step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Using a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step you get huge motivation from sing-a-long music and approachable instructors. Cardio blocks push fat burning systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks that shape and tone […]

Cardio Training – latest research

Latest research from Les Mills suggests we need to rethink how we do cardio exercise to get the most out of each session.  Here’s a recent article produced by Les Mills outlining their current research findings.   TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016 A REVOLUTION IN CARDIO TRAINING by Emma Hogan , 18 DAYS AGO Posted in […]

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow, stretchy practice where we aim to stretch not just the muscles but also the fascial connections of the body.  Yin Yoga allows us to access the deeper tissues such as the connective tissue and fascia and many of the postures focus on areas that encompass a joint (hips, sacrum, spine). It […]

Bircher Muesli with poached dried apricots and pistachios

BIRCHER MUESLI WITH POACHED DRIED APRICOTS AND PISTACHIOS RECIPE Brighten up your morning with this sweet and juicy bircher, topped with autumn fruits. Serves:  4 (makes 5 cups) Ingredients 2 Gala apples, quartered and cored (not peeled) 2 cups rolled oats 2 cups plain low-fat yogurt 1 cup apple juice ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon Method […]

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup with Black Bean Salsa

SPICY SWEET POTATO SOUP WITH BLACK BEAN SALSA This spicy, fragrant sweet potato soup will banish any thought of the winter chills. Serves: 4 This thick, sweet potato soup is the perfect way to warm up your day, thanks to a generous amount of chipotle, garlic, and ground spices. All this spice is balanced out by […]

Winter Chicken Casserole

Winter chicken casserole It’s that time of year again when the meals on your table need to become a little more hearty and warming. And what could be more comforting than a winter casserole? Made with chicken, potatoes and pesto sauce, this one-pot winter casserole is both filling and full of vitamins. Ingredients 1 tablespoon […]

FIT45 – fun interval training for everyone

FIT45 – What is it? FIT45 is a 45 minute fun, interval training workout using both equipment and body weight exercises to create a training effect for the whole body.  A circuit type workout, with each station timed to ensure an even workload, all body systems will be challenged to ensure great results. Why Interval […]