RideRXT is the total body workout for the cycle studio

RideRXT is a program based in the cycle room, using a combination of intermittent cycling and upper body/core strength with tubes.  The program is fast and designed to target all the muscles of the body in sequence. RideRXT uses a format designed to get the most out of a 45 minute workout. The structure ensures every second of your time is used to improve strength, power and get results fast.

What makes RideRXT different…

RideRXT is designed using strength, endurance and power training principles so your body is blasted in all directions. So not only will you get a great cardio hit but you will also target and tone ALL the muscles of the body.

What else would you like to know?…

RideRXT has unique ride “shots” which means you only sit on the bike for short bursts, mixed in with “muscle mashups” where we use a resistance tube for upper body strength work. This is excellent news for those who don’t like to sit on a bike for longer periods of time.

I am beginner can I do this?

Absolutely, the program is delivered using training zones which allow the beginner to work at the chosen zone!  It’s actually a great introduction to stationery cycling as the ride shots are short and you get time to recover between each one during the muscle mashups.
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Body Step


BODYSTEP™ is the energizing step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Using a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step you get huge motivation from sing-a-long music and approachable instructors. Cardio blocks push fat burning systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks that shape and tone your body. For those looking to increase the intensity and drive phenomenal results the circuit styled functional training of the BODYSTEP™ Athletic variation is ideal.

Like all the LES MILLS™ programs, a new BODYSTEP™ class and a new BODYSTEP™ Athletic class is released every three months with new music and choreography.

Duration: 55 min
Avg. Calorie Burn: 620 calories
Exercise Type: Moderate to high intensity step based cardio

*The BODYSTEP™ Athletic variation uses short bursts of circuit-inspired functional training during tracks 3,4 and 5. This is where there is 45 seconds of intensity followed by 30 seconds of recovery. There is also an athletic circuit track featured towards the end of the workout.


Each of the music tracks in a BODYSTEP™ class has a specific exercise focus. Together they create an energizing, full body workout. Remember that BODYSTEP™ caters to all fitness levels and you can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout by raising or lowering the height of your step.

1 A typical BODYSTEP™ class will first take you through a warm-up, and then it’s onto the basic movements, where you’ll learn how to step correctly. We’ll gradually lift the intensity and range of movement.
2 You will then start to break a sweat as you lift the energy and your heart rate up to the first two fitness peaks, each followed by recovery time that focuses on strength and toning. Next is the party track, followed by the speed track. The third and final cardio peak gives you the option to really push it. This one is a physically challenging combination of moves so remember to give it all you’ve got.
3 Phew! You’ll then be able to catch your breath and move to the floor for conditioning work on the upper body and abdominals. Then you’ll stretch it out as you cool down after an intense workout.


. Burn lots of calories for a leaner body
. Improve your strength through core conditioning work
. Raise your overall fitness levels
. Improve your coordination
. Improve your bone health and density
. Increase your heart and lung capacity through a full-body cardio workout


It usually takes a few BODYSTEP™ classes before you start to feel comfortable on the step, but don’t give up! With each class you attend you’ll feel more at ease and eventually totally alive with BODYSTEP™. Start on a low step height and focus on your feet before trying the arm movements. If you get lost in a move, continue stepping with a move that you feel comfortable with until you feel up to the challenge. Our Learn the Moves section will also give you a good place to start from.


Comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, drink bottle and a sweat towel. Check out the latest

Information taken from Les Mills Asia Pacific website

Cardio Training – latest research

Latest research from Les Mills suggests we need to rethink how we do cardio exercise to get the most out of each session.  Here’s a recent article produced by Les Mills outlining their current research findings.



by Emma Hogan , 18 DAYS AGO

Posted in Fitness Research

Forget mindlessly pounding the pavement or relentlessly revving the rower, if you want to get the most from your cardio training you need to take a scientific approach. That’s where Cardio Peak Training comes in.

After decades of research into the effects of different exercise programs, the Les Mills Laboratory has defined – and proved – the science behind one of the most efficient approaches to cardio exercise.

Cardio Peak Training is a specific blend of high-intensity and steady-state training that gives you the best of both worlds – the cardio endurance that goes hand-in-hand with steady-state training and the transformative fat burning benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

How it works

During steady-state cardio such as running, rowing or walking you reach a certain level of exertion and maintain that for the duration of the workout. On the other hand, if you’re doing a HIIT workout you’ll reach intensity peaks pushing 95 per cent plus of your maximum heart rate, followed by periods of complete rest and recovery. A Cardio Peak Training workout is a hybrid of the two. Cardio Peak Training maintains your heart rate at an aerobic training base, between 60 and 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate, interspersed with peaks of intensity pushing you to 85 to 90 per cent of your max. After a peak you only drop back to your aerobic base.

Proof it works

The advantages of Cardio Peak Training are highlighted in a 2015 study by Loughborough University1. This study analyzed the effectiveness of a multi-peak cardio program by following a group of exercisers completing three RPM workouts (a perfect example of cardio peak training) a week for eight weeks. Researchers measured glucose tolerance, cholesterol, cardio fitness and body composition before and after the trial.

The results showed cardio fitness improved, with an 11.8 per cent increase in VO2 (the most discussed measure of cardio fitness) and a 7 per cent reduction in (systolic) blood pressure. Body composition also improved considerably, with a 13.8 per cent reduction in body fat and a 3 per cent reduction in waist circumference. There was also a total cholesterol reduction of 13 per cent.

The study’s authors concluded the varying levels of intensity within the program were an important factor in maximizing muscle adaptations and producing comprehensive health benefits.1

Perhaps even more significant was the compliance rate by participants of 95 per cent. Given they were chosen specifically for their sedentary lifestyles, this was exceptional. “Three RPM classes a week for eight weeks is a considerable investment of not only time, but also of physical and mental effort,” says Bryce Hastings, Les Mills Head of Research. “The 95 per cent compliance rate speaks volumes about the nature of the exercise and its positive effects.”

With Cardio Peak Training you have a manageable, long-term workout option that will drive results in the shape of increased cardio-vascular fitness and reduced excess body fat.

Unlike with its challenging cousin HIIT, there is no risk of overdoing it. In fact, you can do a Cardio Peak Training workout every day of the week. What’s more, with a variety of workout options to choose from there is little chance of getting bored.

BODY ATTACK, BODY STEP and RPM are all great examples of Cardio Peak Training.

Information taken from www.lesmills.com

FIT45 – fun interval training for everyone

FIT45 – What is it?

FIT45 is a 45 minute fun, interval training workout using both equipment and body weight exercises to create a training effect for the whole body.  A circuit type workout, with each station timed to ensure an even workload, all body systems will be challenged to ensure great results.

Why Interval Training?

Current research recommends that unless you’re training for a running event or marathon, interval training is the most beneficial form of training to get results. Gone are the days of running endlessly on a treadmill to burn calories.  A recent study investigated the effects of calorie expenditure and fat loss and found that although fewer calories were burnt during the actual high intensity interval workout than running on a treadmill (steady state exercise), the high intensity interval program produced more fat loss than steady state exercise overall. Additionally, the study concluded that the high intensity interval workout helped build muscle.  Researchers concluded that not only does high intensity interval burn more fat over the duration of the day, but it also builds more muscle and improves metabolic function. 1

Benefits of Interval Training

Cardiovascular health and endurance:

By pushing your heart rate high during periods of intense work, you’ll be able to increase your cardiovascular ability and strengthen your heart. During the short rest intervals, you work on recovering more quickly and needing less time to rest. This is how you build stamina over time and increase your ability to perform physical exercises more effectively. 1

Calorie burning and fat loss:

As your body uses more oxygen to bring itself back into a resting state, more calories are burned in the process, even while you are done working out. This means you continue to experience benefits and fat loss during the remainder of your day following a high intensity interval workout. Intense interval training circuits also stimulate muscle-building hormones while simultaneously using up calories and burning fat. 1

Who is FIT45 for?

Anyone can do a FIT45 workout. If you aren’t already exercising, then it’s best to start slowly, work out responsibly and ease into this type of training to avoid injury. Those with an established level of fitness can challenge themselves at each workout by doing more repetitions, using heavier equipment and a bigger range of motion.

Check the timetable for current class times.


1 HIIT Information sourced from http://draxe.com/hiit-workouts/)

Group Exercise – what is it and why should you do it?

There are many benefits of exercising with a group of other like-minded people. Not only will you be motivated to keep up (as best you can) with the group, you’ll have a fun, friendly instructor to keep you on track. Group Fitness classes are designed to provide an effective workout, targeting a mix of fitness, strength and flexibility, with great motivating music, lead by qualified, experienced instructors. All classes will challenge you at your own level of experience and fitness.   If you work out with friends, accountability is a great motivator. If you don’t show up, you’ll be letting someone else down and encouragement from an instructor or your workout buddies can be a key factor in keeping you on track.

Another plus is the social aspect of group exercise. You can make friends with similar interests and you’ll get to know their names and feel comfortable in the space. People have made friends in group fitness and many arrive early so they can catch up with fellow classmates, as well as meeting up outside of the gym for social occasions or sporting/fitness events. The most important reason to train in a group is because it’s fun. You’ll laugh, you’ll sweat, you’ll work hard and in no time you’ll be finished and feeling ready to face the world. Whether it’s a high intensity class or yoga/pilates, it’s definitely more fun when you work out in a group.

Time poor? Think you can’t fit it in?

All our classes at Lifestyle Health Club Redbank Plains offer a balanced amount of cardio, strength and flexibility and all classes are suitable for any level of fitness or experience. Group classes are a great way to fit in exercise for people who are time poor, as they offer a good combination of training effects and are available at peak times to ensure maximum opportunity for participation. After a long day, it may be hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym to walk on a treadmill or the cross-trainer might not be the most motivating thought, but get into a Group Fitness class and you’ll get your fix of exercise in a fun energised environment, making the most of your valuable time.

Some tips about where to start.

Don’t worry about being “new” to the class. Everyone has to start somewhere! Everyone was a “first timer” once. Our friendly, experienced instructors will help you set up (where required) and give you some guidance about what to do. Make sure you’re there a few minutes before your first class so the instructor has time for a quick chat with you.

Recognise your fitness level and just do as much as you can. If you can only do half a class when you start off, then do that and gradually build up to the whole thing as you get fitter and stronger. Take a break if you need one; reduce the workload eg use lower weights in Body Pump or reduce resistance on the bike in RPM.

Give each class format at least 3 goes before you decide whether or not it suits you. Sometimes it takes a little bit of practice to become comfortable with what you’re doing.

Try new things. Explore new class formats that you might not have thought about doing. Until you try something, how can you know whether you enjoy it or not? Don’t be swayed by things you’ve heard from other people, have a go and make your own mind up.

Mix it up. Variety will give you best results.

Have fun! Above all, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing, that way you’re more likely to stick with it.

Check the timetable for current class times.

Indoor Cycling – safe, low impact, great results!

If you are focused on finding a safe, low impact workout that delivers great results you need to get on a bike.

Cycling indoors on a stationary bike is a low impact exercise that burns calories fast – all in a controlled environment. The hazards you might imagine with outdoor cycling on the road are safely removed which allows you to concentrate on making the most of a safe workout in a comfortable environment.

It’s sensible to avoid high impact, jarring movements if you are recovering from injury or taking care with your joints. Solid surfaces like concrete and hard court can be punishing, particularly if you are running or jumping as you exercise. You need confidence that the workout you choose is safe. Focusing on safety doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun though.

RPM is an indoor cycling class which delivers an impressive cardio workout. It increases your strength and endurance ability, while being kind to your joints. Cycling workouts are designed to deliver a challenge to the individual. You set your own pace within the class environment. There is no floor impact for your joints to absorb, just smooth motion on the pedals. This means you can focus on safely building up your fitness levels with regular session attendance.

Cycling indoors is a very different proposition to road cycling. Cycling on the road can feel like a battle. Outdoors you need to be conscious of traffic, other cyclists, even your own balance on the bike. All those distractions and hazards are removed indoors. You also have the benefit of a trained instructor. Every element of a cycling class has been carefully designed so that you can gain the most results. Safely.

When you are starting out make sure you talk to your instructor and get them to help you set up. Bike set up is key so that you’re comfortable and you enjoy your first ride. It is also suggested that you build up gradually toward a full class, using light resistance at the beginning.

Being able to work out alongside others is a great motivating factor. Riders of all fitness levels can be challenged within the same cycling class. You gain the motivating benefits of a group atmosphere – but with no need to worry about being left behind at the bottom of the hill.

It’s time to get on that bike.

See current timetable for RPM class times.

(Excerpt taken from Les Mills Website 4/4/16)